• I was just happy when receiving this lovely couple, Ronald & Yuiyul's pre-wedding photos last night which was absolutely my best New Year gift. The gorgeous bride wearing the vintage wedding dress from Mrs Vintage and the groom-to-be in his classic English Gentleman attire handling a retro camera, walking hand in hand with their beloved doggy in the autumn forest just totally melt my heart! ♥♥♥







    Ruby, pairing the vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bow flats from Mrs Vintage with a pair of white shorts and leather belt with golden buckle, what a feminine and chic look to farewell summer, welcome autumn! The classic flats rock ♥






    This is lovely bride-to-be, Annie has such a good taste. Last year aug, she picked 2 dresses and a bridal hat from us, honestly both dresses currently still receive lots of compliments and enquiries although they were sold! Love their shoot in this scenic heaven, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China :) Beautiful view, stunning bride in gorgeous dress and hat from Mrs Vintage ! Just can't wait to see her in the other amazing full lace wedding dress in her wedding at the end of this year!! ♥♥♥







    Denise, having her unique wedding in Okinawa, Japan. The glassed-in white chapel stands in front of Okinawa's beautiful ocean is just a perfect background for her wearing one of the best vintage wedding dresses from Mrs Vintage. What a lovely picture!







    Wing Yee, in an Orange vintage dress with hand-sewn Lace Collar by Mrs Vintage, pairing with the trendy and healthy white MBT sandals, perfectly styling vintage items in a modern way. Love her quirky style ♥! Being shy, she finally added something to hide her face by a chinese character meaning of "Secret", you know how fun this girl is! XD






    Sylvia, a new bride who had just finished her wedding on Apr 10, was wearing this Mrs Vintage's wedding dress with all lovable embroidery details. Love it! After wedding, she followed her husband to start a new life in US. While in the fitting section, I could definitely feel the sweetest loves and cares from her younger sister and mother. When we were mentioning the new life in US afterwards, means to separate with her family in Hong Kong and stay in US, I could even see tears in her eyes... what's marriage? It's complete with happy hugs and joyful tears...also a next chapter begins! All the best :)





    In one evening at 10:30pm, having a quite late fitting appointment with this fantastic couple. So happy finally could assist the lovely bride, Mandy to find her The One, 3 weeks before her wedding. What a nice picture? So sweet! She was wearing the beautiful wedding gown with marvelous ruffles at the back from Mrs Vintage. After her wedding, the dress was re-sold to the other bride-to-be, hey, not just the dress had been delivered to the next bride, but also her luck and fortune...







    Garl, I like using " 世上的另一個我" to describe this girl. It's the Chinese name of a Japanese Comic - Nana, means "Another me on earth". As both of us are in very similar bodyshapes and I remembered she fitted in my red lace Qipao perfectly :) In the dress fitting evening, this lucky girl is fully surrounded by Stylish mom, Sweet sister, and Caring fiancée, "Love" & "Energetic" could be used to describe this family. Really love her classic look in this 90's Mori Lee Vintage Rosey Gown from Mrs Vintage in their pre-wedding photo shoot, and I wish her a HAPPY wedding ever! 

    Photo by Martin Ku Photography, c/o Garl.






    Nicole, the sweetest Kindergarten teacher I have ever met, this 60’s Emboidered Lace Bohemian Wedding Dress from Mrs Vintage is just sooooo her…such a petite and cute look! Just being a Mrs at the end of March 2012, I wish her and her handsome hubby a happy marriage afterwards!






    Karen in Mrs Vintage vintage floral dress, shows you how "Nice weather, nice girl and nice dress" could be all combined into a great picture! Wish... I was with her at the moment XD






    Erin, a Taiwanese sweetie, has just tied the knot with her love in a Villa locates in one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenting, the southern part of Taiwan. Her wedding was oh-so-classic and dreamy. She wore a 1970's Vintage Silver Lace Wedding Dress from Mrs Vintage, ready to step into their new life together with trust and loves! 


    Photo by Fredrick Liu, c/o Erin.


    Winnie, the first customer to buy Mrs Vintage vtg wedding dress, is absolutely a vivid young gal with unique personal style. Yay, be yourself, somehow adding a personal idea into your unique bridal style turns out a perfect look! Really loves her unique style in this MV 1970's OffWhite Lace Victorian Wedding Dress with a pair of oversized plastic frame glasses. Vintage + Contemporary styles do work!!!

    People always say first customer in store would bring you good luck, I know she made it XD Thank you and Leo! 


    Photo by Henry. F, c/o Winnie.


     This girl is Emma. She pairs the Navy Leather Clutch @Mrs Vintage with all times favourite white blouse and shorts, how trendy she is XD

    Such GORGEOUS bride is Michelle. She was so stunning in her bigday, what's on her head is a vintage 1960s Lace Bridal Pillbox Hat @MrsVintage. Congratulations!!

    Emelia from Greece is a lucky gal :) She won our vintage hat giveaway many weeks ago...you see? She wears this darling hat perfectly! What a sweet gal~
    Check out her blog when you have time: http://www.thesugarplumfairy.net/

    This vintage gal is Casper. What a cheerful gal!! She pairs the vintage yellow heart dress @MrsVintage with a pair of skinny pants. An adorable belt is all times fave too. She told me the dress's material is so much comfy...what a nice summer!!!XD


    This is Karen. She pairs the little vintage Japanese Bow Blouse @MrsVintage with a pair of shorts, Miu Miu shoulder purse and a pair of wedge sandals....it's too cute XD